Nate’s Arrival

December 15-16, 2009

15th- Trey and I headed to the hospital because I thought my water had broken.  After a couple of hours in triage, they determined that not to be the case but I was in early labor and Nate’s heart rate dropped a little with each contraction so they decided to keep us.  In case anyone was wondering, trying to sleep in  hospital be strapped to monitors while in labor is not fun.  I got about four hours and Trey got about five.

16th- Nate’s Birthday!!  I woke up that morning three centimeters and ready to face the whole thing without any medication.  From 6:00 am on I was good and steadily dilating.  Trey was amazing the whole day. He didn’t leave my side and did everything he could to make labor bearable.  I really feel like we gave birth to Nate, not just me.  I had lots of visitors and things were going well until about 7:00 that night. Dr. McAlpine (who was wonderful!) informed me that labor was slowing down and that Nate could still be hours away. He said I need to be sure I would have the energy to push after that time, because if not it meant I’d have a c-section. With that I decided to have the epidural.  It was fantastic!  I am glad I got to experience labor naturally for the most part but it was good to have the epidural so that I could get some rest and enjoy the moment when Nate arrived.  When Nate was born it was the most wonderful moment I could ever imagine.  Trey and I cried and I couldn’t take my eyes off our new baby.  He was perfect and the moment he looked at me I was in love. I know I’m biased because I’m his mother, but I think he is the most beautiful baby in the entire world.

Nate eats about every two hours and sleeps two hours at a time.  He is very active and makes lots of faces at us.  Our favorite is the “kissy face” where he puckers his lips.  It is the most adorable thing.  Our nicknames for him include: “Nater Tot” “Nate Muffin” and “Little Burrito” (because he likes to be swaddled like a burrito).  We also call him “little friend” and “little buddy” but I don’t think those count as nicknames.

At his 5 day pediatrician appointment he was at 6 pounds, 13 ounces and perfectly healthy.  I cried when they had to give him a vaccine.  It was just so sad! Hopefully I’ll toughen up since he has more of those ahead. Boo.

Tomorrow he will be two weeks old.  It’s already going by way to fast.


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