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On Wednesday I went to Best Beginnings for some fun time with other new mamas and I had a chance to weigh little Nate. (At least, I thought he was little.) Turns out our buddy weighs eleven pounds! Nate was only seven pounds when he was born, and went down to six pounds and nine ounces, so over four pounds of weight gain in six weeks is crazy.  Glad to know he is thriving.

Best Beginnings is a local shop with lots of cool things for moms and babies, and they have workshops.  One of the ladies who works there had her nine week old in a “Baby K’tan.”  I was intrigued because the baby was sleeping happily and it looked so secure.  Nate likes the Baby Bjorn but it is impractical for wearing around the house to do things like fold laundry because it’s a little large with his arms and legs hanging out. (I know this because I tried before heading to the store to invest in another baby carrier.)  Money well spent.  The Baby K’Tan is a double sling that holds the baby high on the chest, correctly distributes the weight, and baby is curled up in a nice little bundle.   Nate has been sleeping peacefully in a swaddled position basically since I got back from the store five hours ago with a short break for eating and a diaper change. Bliss. 🙂



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a story

Some people will go to extremes in the pursuit of a lovely home.  There once was a girl who stayed up until one in the morning to remove painters tape so that she could see the wonderful finished product of her husband’s weekend paint job. While removing tape she decided to take a break and boil some pacifiers that were lying around- a good practice as it seemed the little family was always running out.  Trying to be an excellent multi-tasker, the girl washed a left over paint brush while the lifesavers (oops- pacifiers) were being sanitized. Then she decided to do something stupid.  Really stupid. PAINFULLY stupid. For some odd reason (perhaps it was the sleep deprivation?) she decided to pour the leftover boiling water on to the paintbrush she was washing (to get it extra clean???) and ended up pouring it on to her index and middle finger. OUCH!

Not wanting to wake her hard-working husband she googled the first aid for this extremely painful blunder.  In case you ever fall victim to such stupidity:

-Run hand over cool water for ten to fifteen minutes (or until pain subsides)

– Loosely bandage with gauze

This applies only if it is a minor burn.  If it’s blistering or just looks narly seek help pronto.

For anyone wondering the girl in the story isn’t me. Totally just a story. Made up. Not real.

Pictures of our freshly painted house coming soon! 🙂

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The Littlest Braves Fan

I’m sure he will take after his daddy.  Thanks Bill and Kiki for the cute outfit!!

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One Month

January 16th has come and gone, and it was quite a day!  Trey, Nate and I went to Orlando for Mario and Stacey’s engagement party.  Nate was awesome, even though the four-hour trip took five hours.  He didn’t make a peep during dinner and everyone commented on how adorable he is. 🙂

Here is his one month photo, wearing my favorite outfit from his Aunt Janet.  His sweet little coming home outfit no longer fits. He’s already grown so much, just look at the difference three weeks makes:

One Month

One Week

So, I probably should have chosen a larger stuffed animal to do the age progression pictures with, but the bunny was just so darn cute! It was a shower gift from Trey’s friend Meredith and I have a feeling it will be one of Nate’s favorite toys.  Trey was very insistent that we register for that specific bunny when we were in Best Beginnings. 🙂 I wish I could say the age progression pics were my idea but I took it from my cousin Adam’s wife Lane.

Wonderful/random things about Nate now:

  • He is getting chubby!
  • He is starting to coo. 🙂
  • He usually has a four-hour stretch of sleep at night (hallelujah!) and another three-hour stretch after that. For the rest of the day he sleeps for 1.5 to 2.5 hours at a time.  In between that time, he eats, goes on errands with me and we take walks.
  • He loves the riding in the car, going for walks, and riding in the Baby Bjorn. This is very nice for his parents.

  • He is in size one diapers- no cloth yet because his umbilical cord refuses to fall off!  I’m calling the pediatrician if it doesn’t this week. Sheesh.
  • His favorite thing is being in constant motion- in the car, walking, strolling.  I think it is because he loves looking around at everything.  He has such beautiful bright eyes.  No definite color yet.

Weight and length updates will be next month after his two month appointment.

I’m just glad he is healthy and happy.

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getting crafty

Thanks to the five “s”s- Nate is sleeping happily allowing me to get lots of things done.  This morning was glorious, I was able to clean the kitchen, do laundry, make the bed (basically all those things I wasn’t able to complete at all a week ago) and make this pillow:

This was my first attempt at pillow making, so it isn’t perfect but it is good enough!  I used some leftover fabric I had from making these curtains for the kitchen:

Again, not perfect, but a nice happy touch for the kitchen!

The pillow was easy to make, I just folded over the fabric and used the sewing machine on both ends and half of the top, stuffed it, then used the blind stitch to close it.  Ironically, Trey showed me how to do the blind stitch.  I never had home economics in middle school but he did and apparently remembers everything. Lucky me since I hadn’t used a sewing machine before these two little projects. In case you’re like me an don’t know how to blind stitch, it’s very easy.  You fold the material in (so it looks like the other sides of the pillow), and pin it. Then you push the needle through the inside of the fold.  When you go back with the needle you angle it but push it through the hole that it came out of. It works! You can’t even see the thread.  I used white thread and the flash on the camera brought it out a little bit if you look for it in the picture but in real life, it’s good.

It is finally warm enough to take the little burrito for a walk.  Before the terribly cold weather came Trey and I were able to take him on one walk and he seemed to love it.  It made me sad to keep him cooped up all day for the past two weeks but I am excited that we can FINALLY go outside.

Watching Trey adjust to fatherhood is so much fun.  I hear him singing to Nate while he changes him in his nursery when he gets home from work.  The cute part is that they are songs that he makes up as he goes. Today, however, since we just watched American Idol last night, he’s been singing “Pants on the Ground.”  I think my favorite thing is when Trey looks at Nate.  It melts my heart.

This one is in the hospital, I came out of the bathroom to find this sweet moment.  Trey was holding open the blinds because he said Nate loves the sun.

This one is just because. 🙂

I went to the hospital one month ago today. Time is flying.  One month stats on Nate to come!


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the five “S”s

Sooooo I am extremely happy to be blogging right now for two reasons: one, I haven’t blogged since New Years (even though it was one of my resolutions to keep up the blog) and two, Nate is asleep. . . in his crib!!!  This is a MAJOR breakthrough people.  Now, I know many of you are probably thinking “he’s a baby, doesn’t he always sleep in his crib?”  In an ideal world of infants who magically sleep through the night and only need five diaper changes a day, sure.  Nate however, prefers to sleep in someone’s arms or (I know it’s breaking the rules!) in our bed. Tonight, Trey’s wonderful friends Mario and Stacey paid us a visit.  Stacey is a PA (physicians assistant) and works at a children’s hospital.  While I was sharing some of our trials with her (mostly the sleep thing since Nate is an otherwise wonderful baby) she shared with me the five “S”s to help calm him.

1. Swaddle (which I thought Nate didn’t like, I just found out I was doing it wrong)

2. Suck (on a pacifier, and I though he didn’t like that either- again, me just doing it wrong and yes, it’s possible)

3. Side (babies like to be on their side)

4. Sway (it’s more of a bounce, but it works!)

5. Shhhhhh (the noise)

This combination = very happy, sleeping baby!!!!!

Stacey and Mario with Nate!

In other news, Nate is big enough to use the cloth diapers, so we will be starting that as soon as we run out of the disposables. Yay for saving the environment!  Many people have asked how the cloth diapers work and the ones I have work like disposables except you wash them.  I plan on using disposable sheets (they look like dryer sheets) inside the diaper so no rinsing- the sheet catches anything solid and is tossed and the diaper goes in the pail (no water) for washing later. Pretty much as easy as disposable diapers and way cheaper!

Cloth diapers, wipes and “bottom cleaner” 🙂

Final thoughts for this post:  I am so happy and thankful that I can stay home with my little one.  I used to think the idea of being a stay at home mom sounded boring and unrewarding.  Why be a “babysitter” when I could be out excelling at a fabulous career?  While teaching was fabulous (please hold your laughter until you leave my blog) I think people who insult the homemaker career have never experienced the wonderful moment of the birth of their child and just how rewarding it is to take care of them, not to mention how gut-wrentchingly difficult it is to be away from the tiny person.  These statements are not meant to insult the working mother- that is a doubly difficult job and I am certainly not here to put those women down.  It simply annoys me when people act like it’s silly to quit your “real job” to take care of a baby.  Learning to be a good mom and continuing to be a good wife are all I could ask for in a career these days. I so appreciate my loving husband who works so hard for our little family.   We get to go to church together tomorrow for the first time since before Nate’s birth. We have so much to thank the Lord for.

That’s all for now.


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It’s pretty amazing that this decade is over. Trey and I were reflecting, and these past ten years have been the most important of our lives.  We graduated from high school, college, got married, bought two houses, and had our precious baby boy.  We have been so blessed and can only imagine what the next ten years will hold.

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