the five “S”s

Sooooo I am extremely happy to be blogging right now for two reasons: one, I haven’t blogged since New Years (even though it was one of my resolutions to keep up the blog) and two, Nate is asleep. . . in his crib!!!  This is a MAJOR breakthrough people.  Now, I know many of you are probably thinking “he’s a baby, doesn’t he always sleep in his crib?”  In an ideal world of infants who magically sleep through the night and only need five diaper changes a day, sure.  Nate however, prefers to sleep in someone’s arms or (I know it’s breaking the rules!) in our bed. Tonight, Trey’s wonderful friends Mario and Stacey paid us a visit.  Stacey is a PA (physicians assistant) and works at a children’s hospital.  While I was sharing some of our trials with her (mostly the sleep thing since Nate is an otherwise wonderful baby) she shared with me the five “S”s to help calm him.

1. Swaddle (which I thought Nate didn’t like, I just found out I was doing it wrong)

2. Suck (on a pacifier, and I though he didn’t like that either- again, me just doing it wrong and yes, it’s possible)

3. Side (babies like to be on their side)

4. Sway (it’s more of a bounce, but it works!)

5. Shhhhhh (the noise)

This combination = very happy, sleeping baby!!!!!

Stacey and Mario with Nate!

In other news, Nate is big enough to use the cloth diapers, so we will be starting that as soon as we run out of the disposables. Yay for saving the environment!  Many people have asked how the cloth diapers work and the ones I have work like disposables except you wash them.  I plan on using disposable sheets (they look like dryer sheets) inside the diaper so no rinsing- the sheet catches anything solid and is tossed and the diaper goes in the pail (no water) for washing later. Pretty much as easy as disposable diapers and way cheaper!

Cloth diapers, wipes and “bottom cleaner” 🙂

Final thoughts for this post:  I am so happy and thankful that I can stay home with my little one.  I used to think the idea of being a stay at home mom sounded boring and unrewarding.  Why be a “babysitter” when I could be out excelling at a fabulous career?  While teaching was fabulous (please hold your laughter until you leave my blog) I think people who insult the homemaker career have never experienced the wonderful moment of the birth of their child and just how rewarding it is to take care of them, not to mention how gut-wrentchingly difficult it is to be away from the tiny person.  These statements are not meant to insult the working mother- that is a doubly difficult job and I am certainly not here to put those women down.  It simply annoys me when people act like it’s silly to quit your “real job” to take care of a baby.  Learning to be a good mom and continuing to be a good wife are all I could ask for in a career these days. I so appreciate my loving husband who works so hard for our little family.   We get to go to church together tomorrow for the first time since before Nate’s birth. We have so much to thank the Lord for.

That’s all for now.



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4 responses to “the five “S”s

  1. i love you! so much of what you write is the echo of my own thoughts right now. how fun to have a friend who is walking the same road with me at the exact same time. will have to talk soon so you can give me some tips on getting the baby to sleep!

    • laffittefamily

      I know!! We must talk soon! The swaddling thing is AMAZING- I always knew you were supposed to tuck each arm in tight but the trick is using the blanket at the bottom, tuck his feet way up folding the blanket over then tuck one side under, turn him on his side, then tuck the other side under extremely tightly. 🙂 I hope everything is going great and I’ll talk to you very soon!

  2. Melody

    I am so proud of you, Ginny! It has been a pleasure and great experience to watch you grow up and mature and now I can watch that with your baby(ies). You are a great Mom and Joe and I love you a bunch.

    Doesn’t hurt that you have such and adorable liitle one to stay home with!

    • laffittefamily

      Thanks Aunt Melody! I definitely couldn’t do anything without all of the support from my amazing family! 🙂 You and Uncle Joe need to come over for dinner soon, Nate wants to see you!

      Love y’all!

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