getting crafty

Thanks to the five “s”s- Nate is sleeping happily allowing me to get lots of things done.  This morning was glorious, I was able to clean the kitchen, do laundry, make the bed (basically all those things I wasn’t able to complete at all a week ago) and make this pillow:

This was my first attempt at pillow making, so it isn’t perfect but it is good enough!  I used some leftover fabric I had from making these curtains for the kitchen:

Again, not perfect, but a nice happy touch for the kitchen!

The pillow was easy to make, I just folded over the fabric and used the sewing machine on both ends and half of the top, stuffed it, then used the blind stitch to close it.  Ironically, Trey showed me how to do the blind stitch.  I never had home economics in middle school but he did and apparently remembers everything. Lucky me since I hadn’t used a sewing machine before these two little projects. In case you’re like me an don’t know how to blind stitch, it’s very easy.  You fold the material in (so it looks like the other sides of the pillow), and pin it. Then you push the needle through the inside of the fold.  When you go back with the needle you angle it but push it through the hole that it came out of. It works! You can’t even see the thread.  I used white thread and the flash on the camera brought it out a little bit if you look for it in the picture but in real life, it’s good.

It is finally warm enough to take the little burrito for a walk.  Before the terribly cold weather came Trey and I were able to take him on one walk and he seemed to love it.  It made me sad to keep him cooped up all day for the past two weeks but I am excited that we can FINALLY go outside.

Watching Trey adjust to fatherhood is so much fun.  I hear him singing to Nate while he changes him in his nursery when he gets home from work.  The cute part is that they are songs that he makes up as he goes. Today, however, since we just watched American Idol last night, he’s been singing “Pants on the Ground.”  I think my favorite thing is when Trey looks at Nate.  It melts my heart.

This one is in the hospital, I came out of the bathroom to find this sweet moment.  Trey was holding open the blinds because he said Nate loves the sun.

This one is just because. 🙂

I went to the hospital one month ago today. Time is flying.  One month stats on Nate to come!



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2 responses to “getting crafty

  1. Irene

    Cute pillow! I have been feeling super crafty lately, my newest project is a quilt… I will have to let you know how it goes, right now I am practicing on scraps!

    • laffittefamily

      That’s awesome! I’d like to try a quilt but I think I need more practice (and Trey won’t be very happy with me if I keep spending all our money on fabric!) I’m sure the quilt will be beautiful- send pictures when you’re finished! 🙂

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