a story

Some people will go to extremes in the pursuit of a lovely home.  There once was a girl who stayed up until one in the morning to remove painters tape so that she could see the wonderful finished product of her husband’s weekend paint job. While removing tape she decided to take a break and boil some pacifiers that were lying around- a good practice as it seemed the little family was always running out.  Trying to be an excellent multi-tasker, the girl washed a left over paint brush while the lifesavers (oops- pacifiers) were being sanitized. Then she decided to do something stupid.  Really stupid. PAINFULLY stupid. For some odd reason (perhaps it was the sleep deprivation?) she decided to pour the leftover boiling water on to the paintbrush she was washing (to get it extra clean???) and ended up pouring it on to her index and middle finger. OUCH!

Not wanting to wake her hard-working husband she googled the first aid for this extremely painful blunder.  In case you ever fall victim to such stupidity:

-Run hand over cool water for ten to fifteen minutes (or until pain subsides)

– Loosely bandage with gauze

This applies only if it is a minor burn.  If it’s blistering or just looks narly seek help pronto.

For anyone wondering the girl in the story isn’t me. Totally just a story. Made up. Not real.

Pictures of our freshly painted house coming soon! 🙂


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