On Wednesday I went to Best Beginnings for some fun time with other new mamas and I had a chance to weigh little Nate. (At least, I thought he was little.) Turns out our buddy weighs eleven pounds! Nate was only seven pounds when he was born, and went down to six pounds and nine ounces, so over four pounds of weight gain in six weeks is crazy.  Glad to know he is thriving.

Best Beginnings is a local shop with lots of cool things for moms and babies, and they have workshops.  One of the ladies who works there had her nine week old in a “Baby K’tan.”  I was intrigued because the baby was sleeping happily and it looked so secure.  Nate likes the Baby Bjorn but it is impractical for wearing around the house to do things like fold laundry because it’s a little large with his arms and legs hanging out. (I know this because I tried before heading to the store to invest in another baby carrier.)  Money well spent.  The Baby K’Tan is a double sling that holds the baby high on the chest, correctly distributes the weight, and baby is curled up in a nice little bundle.   Nate has been sleeping peacefully in a swaddled position basically since I got back from the store five hours ago with a short break for eating and a diaper change. Bliss. 🙂



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2 responses to “Seriously?!

  1. so glad the sling is working so well! loved meeting the little guy today and getting to spend time with you! can’t wait to do it again!

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