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Run, Ginny, Run!

Um, yeah, I am seriously out of shape. It’s almost as if I haven’t gotten a hard workout in for nine months. Wait a second. . .

Anyway, I am trying to get into shape to run a 10K. I borrowed a jogger stroller (thanks Traci!) and took Nate running for the first time yesterday. It was cold and I felt like I was running in the sand- even though I was running on the road- but it was a good first step. Plus, any opportunity to dress Nate up like this:

must be taken. He is precious.

I am hoping to be in shape enough for the Rose City Run in Thomasville in April (Joe Joe would be proud!) but that may not happen. I am refashioning the Rose City Run shirt from two years ago to wear if I get to run this year. I registered the day of the 2008 race and got an extra large shirt but now that I am somewhat handy with the sewing machine it is going to be a more fitted shirt with puff sleeves, and maybe even some trim! Pictures to come. Here’s what the shirt looked like before . . .

Hopefully the after will be good!


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Pie for Dinner!

I love pie. My wonderful hubby has been eating super healthy (whole wheats, etc) lately so I haven’t gotten much time to try out new recipes that look delicious but aren’t exactly South Beach friendly. Last night was the perfect opportunity.  Trey was at a seminar at Georgio’s (wonderful food!) So I treated myself to this:

Pie for dinner!

It is based on a Paula Deen recipe that I accidentally deleted.  All the ingredients were her idea but I winged it on the measurements and it came out pretty darn tasty.  Here’s what I did:


  • one refrigerated pie crust (the kind you roll out)
  • 3/4 cup cooked french-cut green beans
  • 5 ounces sour cream
  • 1 1/2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
  • 2 cups cooked long grain and wild rice
  • one large turkey breast
  • 1/2 chopped bell pepper
  • 1/4 chopped onion


  • cube turkey breast and sauté with bell pepper and onion until thoroughly cooked.
  • In a large bowl, mix turkey, bell peppers, onions, cheese, sour cream, green beans, and rice.
  • Spoon mixture in to a pie dish.
  • Slice pie crust into ten strips, and arrange in a lattice design.  Bake at 375 for 45 minutes or until crust is golden brown.  Enjoy!

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Two Months!

Where does the time go????

It is hard to believe that Nate is already two months old.  Before I get to the stats, a clarification from the last post: Nate couldn’t have his first real bath because his little umbilical cord stub refused to fall off for 59 days! That is insane, I know, but we made sure it was healthy and clean and he has a perfectly cute little belly button now. Also, we gave him sponge baths! We wouldn’t go two months without cleaning our child! Sheesh.

Two Months

One Month

One Week

Stats on Nate:

  • weighs in at 12 pounds, 6 ounces these days.  Dr. Long said is growing beautifully!
  • loves Phil, Bob, and Murphy- the squirrel, owl, and hedgehog mobile on his bouncy chair.  He has started to smile at them and reach for them.  Very exciting! Glow worm, Mr. Bear, and Mr. Bunny are also favorite toys.
  • smiling a lot! Mostly in the morning.  I am still having trouble getting a good picture of it though because of the camera flash.  The cute little smile quickly turns to a look of concern when he sees it.
  • enjoys any kind of music.  We listen to classical in the car, and the Rockabye Baby! Lullabies at home.  Rockabye Baby! are U2, Coldplay, Greenday, Police, etc. songs that have been made into lullabies so they aren’t annoying at all. Yay! As soon as I figure out how to post sound on the blog I’ll have to load one of his favorites so you can enjoy it too!
  • loves the bath, but doesn’t like getting out at all.  Even when we wrap him up tight right away he still cries.  Very sad.
  • still loves to be swaddled at night.
  • enjoys his Baby K’tan and the Baby Bjorn (who wouldn’t like being carried around all the time?)
  • is not a fan of tummy time, but the other day I decided to make it naked tummy time (because I read that it is good for babies to have unrestricted time for movement) and he seemed to enjoy it a lot more.  Just as long as he is on a towel and happy about it, why not let him be naked? It’s so cute!
  • holding his head up really well and likes to sit in my lap facing me while I hold his arms for support.
  • loves having Daddy read to him.  The latest book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Classic.

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Nate’s First Bath

After two long months, we finally got to give our little boy his first bath.  My friend Emily gave us the coolest tub- it’s supposed to help the baby to feel more secure and it keeps the water warmer longer because it’s such a small area.  Many people who saw it were skeptical but I am happy to report that our little man loves it!!

The only part he didn’t like was getting out. Bummer.

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Our House Lately . . .

Has been pretty peaceful.  Nate and I have been settling into a pretty good routine. He takes about an hour nap in the morning and a couple of two hour naps in the afternoon.   Now some of these naps are in my arms, but they still count!

On another note, I forgot to document Nate’s official first smile!  It was on January 31st on the way home from church.  Perhaps it was God blessing us since it was our first time at church together as a family? Anyways, Nate had been trying to smile for some time.  When we would say, “Smile, Nate” and smile at him he would look at us with those bright eyes and open his mouth really wide, obviously trying to do something but no smile. Well, in the car that day he finally figured it out and gave me the biggest smile.  I cried (like I do at everything remotely meaningful these days) and clapped as if he’d just won the Nobel Peace Prize or the World Series.   I suppose that’s what motherhood is all about. 🙂 Now if we could just document this precious smile on camera. . .

I’m sure Nate will grow up to love sports as much as his daddy.  Here’s a photo of them watching one of the recent FSU basketball games:

Nate also really loves his glow worm that he received for Christmas.  Thanks Bubie and DeDe!

Me and the little guy:

Enjoying his swing (briefly):

Taking a nap with Grandmeggie:

That’s all for now, two month update coming soon!

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Just Like New

Our house needed paint badly.  Trey and I were sick of the light greens that have adorned our walls since we got married.  We chose a light silvery blue called Memory Lane for the dining room, living room, and foyer.  For the kitchen, Trey picked out an awesome yellow called Cornmeal.  Trey is amazing and did all of the major painting in one day.  What a babe. The other update we made was to the “hideous couch” so name because it’s, well, super ugly. My wonderful stepdad and mom gave it to us when they got a new couch and we are very thankful, but the couch needed help.  It is amazing the difference a slipcover and some new pillows make.  Here’s a pic of the old fabric:

Since coral and seafoam green stripe aren’t really our style (sorry Mom!), here’s what we did:

The dining room:

The living room:

and the kitchen:

We are very happy with it.  It just makes the house seem fresh.

Also, Nate decided to blog with me today:

It is the most wonderful thing to look down and see that little face.  He is the sweetest little buddy.

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