Just Like New

Our house needed paint badly.  Trey and I were sick of the light greens that have adorned our walls since we got married.  We chose a light silvery blue called Memory Lane for the dining room, living room, and foyer.  For the kitchen, Trey picked out an awesome yellow called Cornmeal.  Trey is amazing and did all of the major painting in one day.  What a babe. The other update we made was to the “hideous couch” so name because it’s, well, super ugly. My wonderful stepdad and mom gave it to us when they got a new couch and we are very thankful, but the couch needed help.  It is amazing the difference a slipcover and some new pillows make.  Here’s a pic of the old fabric:

Since coral and seafoam green stripe aren’t really our style (sorry Mom!), here’s what we did:

The dining room:

The living room:

and the kitchen:

We are very happy with it.  It just makes the house seem fresh.

Also, Nate decided to blog with me today:

It is the most wonderful thing to look down and see that little face.  He is the sweetest little buddy.


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