Our House Lately . . .

Has been pretty peaceful.  Nate and I have been settling into a pretty good routine. He takes about an hour nap in the morning and a couple of two hour naps in the afternoon.   Now some of these naps are in my arms, but they still count!

On another note, I forgot to document Nate’s official first smile!  It was on January 31st on the way home from church.  Perhaps it was God blessing us since it was our first time at church together as a family? Anyways, Nate had been trying to smile for some time.  When we would say, “Smile, Nate” and smile at him he would look at us with those bright eyes and open his mouth really wide, obviously trying to do something but no smile. Well, in the car that day he finally figured it out and gave me the biggest smile.  I cried (like I do at everything remotely meaningful these days) and clapped as if he’d just won the Nobel Peace Prize or the World Series.   I suppose that’s what motherhood is all about. 🙂 Now if we could just document this precious smile on camera. . .

I’m sure Nate will grow up to love sports as much as his daddy.  Here’s a photo of them watching one of the recent FSU basketball games:

Nate also really loves his glow worm that he received for Christmas.  Thanks Bubie and DeDe!

Me and the little guy:

Enjoying his swing (briefly):

Taking a nap with Grandmeggie:

That’s all for now, two month update coming soon!


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  1. ginny! he is getting so big! glad i am not the only one who is sappy and emotional about every little thing. will call you soon to chat!

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