Run, Ginny, Run!

Um, yeah, I am seriously out of shape. It’s almost as if I haven’t gotten a hard workout in for nine months. Wait a second. . .

Anyway, I am trying to get into shape to run a 10K. I borrowed a jogger stroller (thanks Traci!) and took Nate running for the first time yesterday. It was cold and I felt like I was running in the sand- even though I was running on the road- but it was a good first step. Plus, any opportunity to dress Nate up like this:

must be taken. He is precious.

I am hoping to be in shape enough for the Rose City Run in Thomasville in April (Joe Joe would be proud!) but that may not happen. I am refashioning the Rose City Run shirt from two years ago to wear if I get to run this year. I registered the day of the 2008 race and got an extra large shirt but now that I am somewhat handy with the sewing machine it is going to be a more fitted shirt with puff sleeves, and maybe even some trim! Pictures to come. Here’s what the shirt looked like before . . .

Hopefully the after will be good!


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