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Thanks Bubbie!

Nate and I enjoy our adventures. Last week, that included visiting the school where I used to teach.  During third period, while visiting with my students, Nate had a diaper explosion. (I used this as a teachable moment as to why you WAIT to have children until you are much older, much more patient, married, etc.) But I was so sad because Nate was wearing his new Baby Gap white oxford onesie- remember the Cattle Baron’s Ball? That one! 😦  Anyway, I took a Clorox Bleach Pen to it thinking that would do the trick but no luck.  Some of the stain came out but it still wasn’t good enough to wear again.  I was complaining about the sad little shirt to Liz (aka Bubbie) and she suggested Fels Naptha soap. I’d never heard of it but she picked some up for me so I decided to give it a shot.  I let the onesie air dry, so the dryer didn’t set the stain, (this step is not necessary if you have the soap already, I just didn’t find out about the most awesome stain remover until I’d already washed- but not dried- it) then I ran the stain under warm water, and scrubbed the bar of Fels Naptha directly into the stain. I let the onesie sit for a while then rinsed it and ran it through the wash with his other clothes. It is completely gone! I couldn’t believe it. There are very few things that will remove baby poo but this is one of them.  Nate’s shirt is saved. Yay!



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Step aside, Gerber Baby

Gerber Baby:

My little Nate:

I know it’s not a competition, but Nate wins. Period.

*Thanks Lane Gunter Photography for the BEAUTIFUL photos! 🙂


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Three Months!

This little boy has DOUBLED in size!

Check out the “bunny progression:”

One Week

One Month

Two Months

Three Months

Nate at three months:

  • is “talking” all the time.
  • loves to smile, no laughs yet, but we do get squeals of excitement!
  • likes the cloth diapers, but we do use the disposables on occasion. He’s in the disposable size 2.
  • Weighs almost 14 pounds! (We took him to Best Beginnings to use the baby scale and with clothes he was 14 pounds, so we figure he’s just under that.)
  • loves his activity gym, and is learning to like tummy time.  He will get a little fussy, but no full on crying like before.
  • has almost full head control but will still give us the occasional head butt.
  • bats at Phil, Bob, and Murphy and occasionally grabs them.
  • Sleeping is still pretty much like it was at two months- hoping for an improvement soon!
  • is always moving- kicking his legs especially.
  • loves to read.

People say at three months things start to settle.  I will say it’s a little bit easier but things will never be the same. I’m still wondering what it will be like to get eight hours of sleep again. *Sign* In spite of this, Nate is so lovable and such a wonderful baby.

Lane took some beautiful photos of the most adorable baby in the world- I’ll post a few as soon as I can.


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Mr. Bear gives a tour of Nate’s nursery!

So, I’ve been incredibly busy taking care of Nate, but I just realized I never posted pictures of the finished nursery! It is a real shame too, because almost every member of our family had a hand in making it the perfect little dreamland for our boy.  Because I’ve been so busy, Mr. Bear has decided to give this tour in my absence: (cue the Mr. Bear voice, I think it probably sounds like Morgan Freeman.)

Greetings! I am very happy to be joining you today for this tour of Nate’s nursery.  I have very happy home in the toy bucket, but I’m excited to be out here will all of you fine people.

We’ll begin with the entrance.  Nate’s parents selected a dapper shade of blue called “Sweet Dreams.” Perhaps in the hopes that he would be doing a lot of sleeping in here? Oh the irony. . . moving on. . .

Upon entering the little nursery, it is hard to ignore the wonderful amount of light that flows in from the large window, little lamp, and the lighting above. Also, notice the crown molding and baseboards? That is the handiwork of Trey and Boyd (Trey’s father). Think that’s it? Oh no, there is much more detail to this tiny room than meets the eye!

Take, for example the mobile:

handcrafted by Ginny’s Aunt Melody! Nate really enjoys watching the planes fly around the world every day.  It is just perfect in front of the map mural, painted by Aunt Melody and Ginny. Onward. . .

Books, books, and more books.  Can’t have too many.  Trey and Ginny hope that little Nate will love to read and are encouraging it as much as they can! The cute little bucket holding all those classics is from Lane, Adam, and Camp- Lane even gave Ginny the idea to use it for books. Very handy!  On to where the books are read. . .

This rocking chair represents yet another labor of love by Trey and our family. Trey’s parents gave it to us.  Trey painted it, and Grandma sewed the pillows.  I, Mr. Bear, think it adds a lot of character.  Moving right along our tour. . .

This is the changing area/cloth diapering central/one of Nate’s favorite places.  It was Trey’s baby dresser which he refinished.  Ginny picked out some knobs from the Cottage, and they gave another old piece new life.  By happenstance, a teacher at Ginny’s school had some old airplane prints that she wasn’t using so gave them to Ginny. People are so wonderful!  Here is another touching feature:

A hand-painted cross from Aunt Carrie Anne. Here’s Aunt Carrie Anne with Nate-

On to the last part of our tour . . .

The crib.  It took a long time to decide on this one but in the end, Ginny convinced Trey.  Though Trey calls it the Taj Mahal of cribs, here in the nursery, we just call it that “really big thing that little Nate needs to sleep in more.”

Well, I hope you enjoyed this tour of Nate’s nursery.  This is Mr. Bear, signing out. [End Morgan Freeman voice.]

Okay, I know, that was a little cheesy, but I’ve got to have some opportunities to be creative!  One of the many things Nate has taught me these past few months is that cheesy can be fun.

It’s hard to believe, but the THREE MONTH update is coming soon.


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Beautiful weather for a beautiful little boy.

Yesterday was glorious. Seventy degrees and sunny.  We just sat under the big oak tree in our yard and enjoyed life. I could talk to Nate for hours and hours.  One of the many great things about babies is that they will keep all of your secrets.  I enjoy this season of our life that I can tell Nate anything and everything on my mind and he just lovingly listens without judgement. Lately he interrupts me with little coos and other sweet sounds.  He is getting really close to laughing and I am so happy just to watch his little personality develop.  Luckily he seems to be more Trey-esque in temperament because I was a bit of a handful (that’s putting it nicely) as a child.  As far as photography, Trey is the really good photographer in our family but I do my best.  My good friend, Brittany, provides lots of inspiration as well.

Observing the trees.

He is so tiny!



Our view.


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Cattle Baron’s Ball

Every year, Trey and I have the privilege of attending the American Cancer Society’s Cattle Baron’s Ball. It’s more of a hoe down than a ball, but it is always so much fun! Trey’s Dad is a sponsor and he is sweet enough to share the tickets with us. My mom, Billy, Julie, Keith, Bill and Kiki also got to join the party this year which made it even more fun. There is line dancing, gambling (with fake money- the best kind!) and yummy food. Everyone was delighted that our babysitter didn’t end up being able to watch Nate because we decided to bring him with us. Poor Megan- feel better! I just decided that Megan’s illness was a sign that Nate should dress up like a tiny cowboy and join in the fun. He was the hit of the party. Apologies to Grandmeggie, Grandpa Billy and Julie and Keith- we didn’t take enough pictures! 😦

Here’s what I do have though. . .

Little man smiling at Daddy

My boys!

Some of our favorite people 🙂

Me and the Tot, short for Nater Tot

Thanks Grandmeggie for the adorable outfit and my new jeans! I know it seems insignificant- but I am soooooo happy to to be back in normal (though I must admit, slightly larger) clothes! Jeans with a zipper and button made my day!

It was a wonderful time, but this event is so much more than just a party. Both Trey and I have lost grandparents (we love you Moni Raye and Pawpaw!) to cancer, so any organization working to fight and end this deadly disease has our support. It was great to see that so many awesome people in Tally share our sentiment. Although I’ve promised myself not to be too political in this blog I think this is worth mentioning- support the increased cigarette tax! More money for Florida and less cancerous deathsticks floating around! Seems like a good deal to me.

Also, I just had to post the following picture. Nate sure loves his Bubbie!

The secret to getting this pic was the camera phone- no startling flash! I just love my little boy’s smile.


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