Cattle Baron’s Ball

Every year, Trey and I have the privilege of attending the American Cancer Society’s Cattle Baron’s Ball. It’s more of a hoe down than a ball, but it is always so much fun! Trey’s Dad is a sponsor and he is sweet enough to share the tickets with us. My mom, Billy, Julie, Keith, Bill and Kiki also got to join the party this year which made it even more fun. There is line dancing, gambling (with fake money- the best kind!) and yummy food. Everyone was delighted that our babysitter didn’t end up being able to watch Nate because we decided to bring him with us. Poor Megan- feel better! I just decided that Megan’s illness was a sign that Nate should dress up like a tiny cowboy and join in the fun. He was the hit of the party. Apologies to Grandmeggie, Grandpa Billy and Julie and Keith- we didn’t take enough pictures! 😦

Here’s what I do have though. . .

Little man smiling at Daddy

My boys!

Some of our favorite people 🙂

Me and the Tot, short for Nater Tot

Thanks Grandmeggie for the adorable outfit and my new jeans! I know it seems insignificant- but I am soooooo happy to to be back in normal (though I must admit, slightly larger) clothes! Jeans with a zipper and button made my day!

It was a wonderful time, but this event is so much more than just a party. Both Trey and I have lost grandparents (we love you Moni Raye and Pawpaw!) to cancer, so any organization working to fight and end this deadly disease has our support. It was great to see that so many awesome people in Tally share our sentiment. Although I’ve promised myself not to be too political in this blog I think this is worth mentioning- support the increased cigarette tax! More money for Florida and less cancerous deathsticks floating around! Seems like a good deal to me.

Also, I just had to post the following picture. Nate sure loves his Bubbie!

The secret to getting this pic was the camera phone- no startling flash! I just love my little boy’s smile.



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2 responses to “Cattle Baron’s Ball

  1. Emily

    Great picture Ginny!! You look fantastic and congrats on the new jeans!!! Isn’t it exciting when you get back into real jean again. Just wait – pretty soon those jeans are going to be way too big on you. It seems to happen over night.

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