Mr. Bear gives a tour of Nate’s nursery!

So, I’ve been incredibly busy taking care of Nate, but I just realized I never posted pictures of the finished nursery! It is a real shame too, because almost every member of our family had a hand in making it the perfect little dreamland for our boy.  Because I’ve been so busy, Mr. Bear has decided to give this tour in my absence: (cue the Mr. Bear voice, I think it probably sounds like Morgan Freeman.)

Greetings! I am very happy to be joining you today for this tour of Nate’s nursery.  I have very happy home in the toy bucket, but I’m excited to be out here will all of you fine people.

We’ll begin with the entrance.  Nate’s parents selected a dapper shade of blue called “Sweet Dreams.” Perhaps in the hopes that he would be doing a lot of sleeping in here? Oh the irony. . . moving on. . .

Upon entering the little nursery, it is hard to ignore the wonderful amount of light that flows in from the large window, little lamp, and the lighting above. Also, notice the crown molding and baseboards? That is the handiwork of Trey and Boyd (Trey’s father). Think that’s it? Oh no, there is much more detail to this tiny room than meets the eye!

Take, for example the mobile:

handcrafted by Ginny’s Aunt Melody! Nate really enjoys watching the planes fly around the world every day.  It is just perfect in front of the map mural, painted by Aunt Melody and Ginny. Onward. . .

Books, books, and more books.  Can’t have too many.  Trey and Ginny hope that little Nate will love to read and are encouraging it as much as they can! The cute little bucket holding all those classics is from Lane, Adam, and Camp- Lane even gave Ginny the idea to use it for books. Very handy!  On to where the books are read. . .

This rocking chair represents yet another labor of love by Trey and our family. Trey’s parents gave it to us.  Trey painted it, and Grandma sewed the pillows.  I, Mr. Bear, think it adds a lot of character.  Moving right along our tour. . .

This is the changing area/cloth diapering central/one of Nate’s favorite places.  It was Trey’s baby dresser which he refinished.  Ginny picked out some knobs from the Cottage, and they gave another old piece new life.  By happenstance, a teacher at Ginny’s school had some old airplane prints that she wasn’t using so gave them to Ginny. People are so wonderful!  Here is another touching feature:

A hand-painted cross from Aunt Carrie Anne. Here’s Aunt Carrie Anne with Nate-

On to the last part of our tour . . .

The crib.  It took a long time to decide on this one but in the end, Ginny convinced Trey.  Though Trey calls it the Taj Mahal of cribs, here in the nursery, we just call it that “really big thing that little Nate needs to sleep in more.”

Well, I hope you enjoyed this tour of Nate’s nursery.  This is Mr. Bear, signing out. [End Morgan Freeman voice.]

Okay, I know, that was a little cheesy, but I’ve got to have some opportunities to be creative!  One of the many things Nate has taught me these past few months is that cheesy can be fun.

It’s hard to believe, but the THREE MONTH update is coming soon.



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3 responses to “Mr. Bear gives a tour of Nate’s nursery!

  1. Carrie Anne

    Love it 🙂

  2. Kayla

    Ginny and Trey-
    I am starting with this post and just love it! You are awesome… and yes, very creative! Can’t wait to read the previous posts and will check back for more!

    • laffittefamily

      Hey Kayla!

      So glad you like it! You’re about to meet your little one any day now, correct? It is the most wonderful thing in the world- we’re so excited for you! Keep us updated! 🙂


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