Thanks Bubbie!

Nate and I enjoy our adventures. Last week, that included visiting the school where I used to teach.  During third period, while visiting with my students, Nate had a diaper explosion. (I used this as a teachable moment as to why you WAIT to have children until you are much older, much more patient, married, etc.) But I was so sad because Nate was wearing his new Baby Gap white oxford onesie- remember the Cattle Baron’s Ball? That one! 😦  Anyway, I took a Clorox Bleach Pen to it thinking that would do the trick but no luck.  Some of the stain came out but it still wasn’t good enough to wear again.  I was complaining about the sad little shirt to Liz (aka Bubbie) and she suggested Fels Naptha soap. I’d never heard of it but she picked some up for me so I decided to give it a shot.  I let the onesie air dry, so the dryer didn’t set the stain, (this step is not necessary if you have the soap already, I just didn’t find out about the most awesome stain remover until I’d already washed- but not dried- it) then I ran the stain under warm water, and scrubbed the bar of Fels Naptha directly into the stain. I let the onesie sit for a while then rinsed it and ran it through the wash with his other clothes. It is completely gone! I couldn’t believe it. There are very few things that will remove baby poo but this is one of them.  Nate’s shirt is saved. Yay!



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4 responses to “Thanks Bubbie!

  1. have heard good things about that soap (that is how ofie would get the clay out of steve’s baseball pants) but have not tried it. with two boys, i should maybe get some for myself!

  2. Bubbie

    Bubbie says you are very welcome and glad it worked! Fels Naptha is the ONLY thing I have ever found that works on baseball red clay and I figured if it could work on that… it is magic stuff – LOL.

  3. Kayla

    Good to know! 8 days old and Grace already stained a pair of Evan’s shorts!

    • laffittefamily

      Congratulations Kayla! I’m sure you’re having a blast with little Grace! (And hopefully getting some sleep in there too!) She is beautiful. 🙂 Anything we can help y’all with just ask!

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