a year ago today . . .

Trey and I were having the time of our life in London.  I didn’t think we could be any happier.

Nate proved me wrong. Big time.

This child is a constant reminder that we are blessed beyond measure.  Worries about losing baby weight, the bank account, what to make for dinner, cleaning the house, piles of laundry, Georgia (our very obnoxious/loud/energetic dog), waking up countless times in the middle of the night or not updating the blog for weeks at a time all seems quite trivial when staring into his trusting little eyes.  I love you, baby boy. Keep reminding me not to worry.



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2 responses to “a year ago today . . .

  1. Boyd

    You are a constant reminder to our family, of how truly blessed we all are! Thank you for being such a wonderful wife to Trey and now, an awesome mom to Nate!

  2. laffittefamily

    Ladies and gentlemen, my wonderful father-in-law. As you can see, he isn’t the slightest bit sentimental.

    Thanks, Boyd. You’re awesome and we are blessed to have such great examples in you and Liz. We would have no idea what the heck to do if it weren’t for our wonderful families. 🙂



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