Four Month Update

Nate at four months:

  • is amazing.  I know he is my child, and I’m supposed to think that. But he really is a beautiful little guy.
  • weighs 15 pounds and 2 ounces.
  • is way better at the pediatrician than I am- I’m pretty sure I cry more at the shots than he does.
  • is teething? Drooling A LOT and I think there might be some little buds showing up. . . we shall see.
  • Can sit unassisted for a few seconds.  He can also do the “tripod” for a little longer. He was actually doing this at three months and three weeks. Dr. Long says he is very advanced in that department.
  • Still hates “official” tummy time but we are working on it.
  • Sleeps from about 10 until 1:30, then until 4:30, then until 7 or 8.  Would I like it if he slept through the night? Of course.  But we are managing, and we are not starting solids until six months. The end. That said, I do think his sleeping will get better when we do, but I can tough it out for another 45 days.
  • Is very active. He is always kicking his legs and smiling at anyone that will pay attention.  I know wear him facing outward in the baby k’tan and he loves to entertain everyone at Publix, Target or anywhere else we might be.
  • is very responsive.  He laughs, squeals in delight, and “talks.” I am trying to practice talking more slowly and focusing on the nouns (for example, hearing an airplane overhead and saying “airplane.”) Hopefully this will help with his language development later on.
  • Can hold toys and investigates them somewhat but his favorite thing to do is to put them in his mouth.
  • loves the mirror.  Lately I will walk in front of it with him in the baby k’tan and I will sing the banana song or play peek-a-boo and he thinks it is hilarious.
  • LOVES the banana song. I probably sing it twenty times a day.
  • walks with Grandmeggie or runs with me almost every day.  He is usually pretty good.  I am hoping he will get used to the habit and it will make me get out and exercise! I’m doing the tails and trails 5k this Saturday if anyone wants to join me!
  • loves to read.  His favorite right now is a nursery rhyme pop up book that my friend Colleen from MMS gave us.
  • still likes to be swaddled at night and for naps, but I’m trying to get away from the nap swaddling.  This is difficult because he won’t sleep for as long.

Thats all for now.  I’ll post on our adventure in the Bahamas soon!


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  1. cant wait to see you BOTH!!

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