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God is good.

Today, we dedicated our little man to the Lord. There is a bit of irony in dedicating a child to the Lord when we are already His, but it is a statement of faith on the part of Trey and myself as parents. It was a beautiful ceremony, and it was wonderful to have the support of the church, our parents, Grandma, and even Gunter (my little bro)! When we met with Pastor Scott about dedicating Nate, he recommended a couple of children’s bibles to us: The Big Picture Story Bible

This one is great for children learning to read, and I love it for Nate because it has big, bright pictures that hold his attention.

Here is the other one:

The Jesus Storybook Bible. I LOVE this one to read to Nate, and it has fabulous pictures as well, but it is much more in depth than the other one.

So, back to today- I have to admit that I was a bit nervous about getting up on that big stage, and even more nervous that Nate would decide to do one of the following: make “pterodactyl” noises (extremely loud shrieking- perhaps he’s testing his vocal limits? It makes Trey and me think of dinosaurs, hence the name), make bathroom noises (yikes!), cry, or spit up.  I am very happy and thankful to report that none of that happened. Whew!  Here are some pictures from the morning. (Thanks to Bubbie!)

Pastor Scott explaining the covenants.

On the big screen! I think Trey looks handsome on TV. Back to the dedication. . .

Our wonderful elders praying for our little family.

Chillin with great grandma while simultaneously trying to eat his entire hand. Charming, isn’t he?

After the service, we headed home to have dinner and it was fabulous.  Bubbie brought a super tasty organic salad, Grandmeggie made Moni Raye’s scalloped potatoes, great grandma brought roasted veggies and I cooked a roast and made eclairs for dessert.  And I mean, I really made them- pastry, filling, and sauce for the top. No frozen puff pastry, no pre-made custard. This was the real deal. I would just throw a link up for the recipe but I used a part of three different recipes. They were quite scrumptious though (Trey said he liked them better than the doughnuts) so I’ll be making them again on Wednesday night.  I might post the pieced together recipe with some pictures. Just thinking about the eclairs made me go up a jeans size though, so beware.

Few things are quite as wonderful as a table set with china, crystal, flowers, cloth napkins and a beautiful table cloth. Moni Raye would be proud.

Grandmeggie and the buddy.

Today was a perfectly sweet day, definitely one I’ll look forward to telling Nate about when he gets older.

As a side note, if my blog is starting to sound a little pioneer woman wannabe- I’m sorry! I read her blog all the time and I can’t shut out the influence!

That’s all for now, enjoy the rest of this long weekend!



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Nate at FIVE months

I really, truly, honestly cannot believe that Nate is five months old. Yet, he is. So here goes:

Nate at five months:

  • loves everybody! He is constantly smiling and laughing.  I’ve started calling him my little ham.
  • tummy time is improving, and he is starting to do his mini-pushup and pull his legs up under himself.
  • enjoys “standing.” I wasn’t sure if it was okay for him to do that but on my girls weekend I noticed Brittany helping precious little Ezra (a week older than Nate) so I figured it would be alright.
  • has found a favorite book in And to Think that I Saw It on Mulberry Street. He lights up and waves his arms and kicks his legs when I read it to him. I am so glad he is learning early to love reading!
  • enjoys his swing a lot more.  I can actually get a little fifteen minute break now and then to start dinner, etc. while he swings.
  • weighs about sixteen and a half pounds.
  • is a chatterbox. No words yet but I think he will be an early talker.
  • still loves bathtime. It is adorable.
  • has hair growing in a mohawk.  We love spiking it!
  • enjoys grabbing peoples faces.  He started doing that with Trey, and now he does it with everyone.  He thinks it is pretty hilarious.
  • still eating breastmilk exclusively, and we will start solids next month.  I am drooling over this:The Beaba Babycook from Williams-Sonoma. It steams, purees, defrosts, and warms.  Isn’t it beautiful?  I plan on making Nate’s food anyway, but this would make my life easier.
  • That is all for now.

PS- EST is 8:33pm even though WordPress says it is 12:30am. I was on time! 🙂

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Bahamas Baby

A couple of weeks ago, we journeyed to the beautiful island of  Hopetown in the Bahamas for Mario’s wedding.  I had been anxious about this trip for months for multiple reasons (getting Nate a passport, trying to keep him out of the sun, how would he be on a plane, etc.) But in the end it was all worth it.

Nate was a dream baby to travel with for the most part, no crying on the plane, and all of Trey’s friends were really supportive and cool about the tiniest member of the wedding group.

Here is just one of the spectacular views:

The groom and groomsmen: Trey, Mario, Jon, Andrew, and Mario’s Uncle

My two favorite people in the whole wide world.

Nate was pretty tuckered out after all of the excitement of being in a car, plane, and boat in one day.  Thanks Bubbie for the super awesome travel bed!  (Side Note: Nate is actually wearing one of Trey’s baby outfits, isn’t he so precious?)

After a nap, we poked around the tiny island a bit. (It’s only seven miles across and a mile wide. You could get anywhere in five minutes.) We found the Methodist Mission House where Boyd (Trey’s dad) spent two summers.

Here was our view at dinner, the beautiful Hopetown lighthouse:

None of the street signs were “official,” they were all hand-painted creations.  The one below is pretty cool:

Here are a few photos of the rehearsal brunch.  It was held at the Hopetown Inn and the view was spectacular.

Beautiful Bride and Groom

Our view

Later that day we went to Tahiti Beach. Most. beautiful. place. ever.

Nate was a good boy and chilled in his tent. Notice his little surf shirt?

The day of the wedding we

Gave the tot a bath- the sink was the perfect size!

Strolled around the island and enjoyed these gorgeous flowers that were everywhere in all different colors. Anyone know what they are? I want some!

Notice the tiny dinosaur on the rock? That is a curly tail lizard and they were everywhere! At least they were friendly, and I’m glad Nate wasn’t big enough to try to catch one for a pet!

We wanted to climb the lighthouse but didn’t get a chance.  However, Nate wore his daddy’s lighthouse outfit in honor of the attempt. It all looks picture perfect, but approximately one hour after this picture was taken Nate decided to decimate the outfit, and Trey’s favorite fishing shirt, with poo. Haha. Moving on. . .

This was our view at the reception.  The wedding was beautiful, and the reception was a blast.

See those guys behind me? They LOVED Nate! It was hilarious.  They asked to hold him and were dancing with him and making him laugh.  I love it when people surprise me.  They totally looked like tough guys but they were all big teddy bears with Nate. Precious.

Scuvi especially loved Nate.  I thought for a little while that he wasn’t going to give him back for the reception! Scuvi does snorkeling and diving instruction so it was a lot of fun to talk to him.  He told us that sharks were nothing to worry about but that EELS were the thing to be afraid of. Ick!

I wish I knew what Nate was thinking here. . .

The beautiful bride and me

Sweet Mario held the buddy so Trey and I could dance.

We had a wonderful time.

FIVE MONTH update coming soon- on his fifth month birthday I promise! But is it really five months? Really? Doesn’t seem possible. . .


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