Six Months!! (only ten days late. . . oops. . .)

Sorry, sorry, sorry for the lateness! Between the sleep deprivation and all of the exciting things we’ve been up to blogging just hasn’t been on the list of priorities. I’m working on it. I promise.

Nate is six months old and time is flying.  I used to think that Mama Mia! song about “slipping through my fingers” was super cheesy and I chuckled a little whenever I heard it. Now it seems a little too close to home. I feel like I’m going to turn around and  Nate will be graduating college. This used to make me sad but I’ve gained a little perspective and I’ve decided cherish every day and not waste any time wishing for time to slow down. Now who’s super cheesy? Moving on. . .

*Note: His sixth month photo was taken on his six month birthday!

At six months, Nate:

  • is in the fiftieth percentile in every category. Just right. 🙂
  • weighs seventeen pounds, ten ounces.
  • can six up totally unassisted (and has been for the past few weeks).
  • can stand holding only our fingers for balance.
  • is very close to crawling, I feel like it will be any day.
  • loves to babble.
  • loves to laugh.
  • enjoys his morning walk/run in the jogger stroller.
  • is beginning to get a little stranger anxiety.  From what I understand this just come with the territory of his age.
  • loves to be on his tummy.
  • passes objects from hand to hand.
  • gets mad if you take away a toy he is enjoying.
  • can take his pacifier out and put it back in.
  • enjoys chewing on Jacque the giraffe.
  • rolls over both ways with ease.
  • LOVES watching Grandmeggie play the piano.
  • loves all music and “dances” during praise and worship at church!
  • is getting a tooth! (I pretty sure I see the top of it coming in!)
  • still not sleeping through the night.  We’ve resorted to very drastic and painful (for me, not Nate) measures. Crying it out. Luckily, I’ve got the queen of getting your kids to sleep/good schedule stuff helping me out. Thanks, Danielle! This is night three, and it is getting better. I think it will work if I don’t cave.
  • still loves the banana song and reading.
  • had his first solids on his six month birthday and it went well! Trey was excited to get to feed him his first “real” meal.

Rice Cereal and B milk- That qualifies as real food, right?

Proud dad doing a great job!

Nate was really enthusiastic about it.

A successful first feeding!

Alright, folks, thanks for sticking with me. If Nate begins sleeping through the night you can start expecting some regular postings.  At least every week. How will you know when that happens? If you wake up and swear you can hear some idiot singing the hallelujah chorus at the crack of dawn that’s me. After almost seven months (ten if you count my last trimester of broken sleep) of not one night of uninterrupted sleep I will be so excited I won’t be able to contain it.



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13 responses to “Six Months!! (only ten days late. . . oops. . .)

  1. The last picture of the three of you is great! Little man is on his way to some great sleep filled nights!

    • laffittefamily

      Thanks! We are getting there, he slept six hours without a peep last night and the longest he cried was 10 minutes the whole night!

  2. Ok, You’ve got to let me in on the secret to how you are getting him to sleep through the night….. We are still waking up at least twice a night.

    • laffittefamily

      I wish another method had worked for us (we tried them all!) but we ended up letting him cry. The first night was torture but it has gotten progressively better and now he is sleeping from 730 to 730 and only waking up for a minute or two at a time. He seems just as happy, naps better- and I am definitely a better mom! 🙂 good luck!!

  3. So how long do you let him cry it out? and how do you do it!? ha

    • laffittefamily

      We started a consistent routine: eat dinner together, bathtime, and I would nurse him to sleep. Then he would wake up a few hours later and we just let him cry for as long as it took for him to go back to sleep. The longest stretch was an hour and a half. It really improved on night five and he only wakes up once now (day 14) and cries a little before going back to sleep. The pediatrician assured me it won’t hurt him to cry, alhough it hurt me! Nate is 6 months old so we really had to do something.

  4. we have a consistent routine too. Eat, bathtime, and I nurse him to sleep. This happens from 6:30-7:45. He goes down without a fight, then around 1:30 he wants to eat again. He goes right back to sleep but then wakes up again around 4:30 to eat and then wakes up for the day at 7:00. I have let him cry it out for naps and I tried two weeks ago to do it but four nights in a row I tried and he only would sleep for another 30 min or so. When I try and let him cry it out for to long he starts this absolutely histarical screaming. Its AWFUL! I’m ok with him waking up once a night, I would love to cut out that 1:30 “snack”. What do you do when he’s screaming? do you go in and comfort him? Sorry I’m picking your brain… Im about to have to figure something out though!

    • just realized i spelled Hysterical wrong.. oops!

    • laffittefamily

      hrm. I’ve found that when Nate sleeps better during the day, he does better at night too. I haven’t let him cry for naps yet because I think it’s just easier for him to fight it since it’s daytime. The crying IS so awful- no arguments there, trust me. When Nate screamed and I knew that nothing was wrong other than he was learning to go to sleep by himself I did not go in. At all. It was extremely difficult. BUT As long as you know that he is alright (clean, fed, didn’t creep into a corner of the crib) it is okay to turn down the baby monitor and preoccupy yourself a little. How old is your baby? I think our pediatrician said they should be able to go all night (10-12 hours) by four to five months. . . so you might be able to cut out both feedings. I can’t remember how long it’s been since I saw you at Best Beginnings- that sleep deprived period is a bit of a blur. Also, when the crying stops and he starts sleep more it really will seem worth it. Something my friend Megan told me that helped me put things in perspective is that babies with colic can literally cry all day, and they still turn out just fine. (I spent one evening gripping my chair repeating “babies with colic are okay!” in my head for a while to keep myself from going in Nate’s nursery.) The other thing our doc said was just to be consistent because every time you give in it becomes that much harder next time and confuses baby. I hope some of this is helpful. My friend Danielle reads “Chronicles of a Babywise Mom” blog and I think that has some good advice too. Keep fighting the good fight, it will get better!

      PS- Have you seen the typos on my blog? It’s the sleep deprivation! Correct grammar/spelling is for the well rested. Not new moms. 🙂

  5. Alright I let him cry last night for an hour and fifteen minutes. I gave in at that point. It was awful, he was in pure hysterics and it took me 30 min to calm him down after I picked him up. I just cant do that! I dont mind him crying it out but when it turns into a pure hysterical panicked cry I’m done. I just ended up feeling absolutely horrible, and like a bad mom.

    Oh and he is 5 months.

    • laffittefamily

      Have you talked to your baby’s doc? I think I’d give up on CIO for now since it’s stressing you out. I wish I could give you some better advice- I am definitely not the guru though. A lot of my friends swear by a book called babywise, and I read “the no cry sleep solution which was somewhat helpful but didn’t work for Nate

  6. He has been sleeping til at least 3 since last week. For two nights last week he slept until 5 without a peep! So we are making progress but I have def. given up on the CIO right now. Anyways just wanted to let you know 🙂

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