First Independence Day

We had a wonderful time chilling last weekend. It was relaxed and calm- just what we needed. I have to admit I wouldn’t mind heading up to DC next year to watch some super awesome fireworks with Irene and Beej. Nate was just a bit too tiny for that this year. Here’s a few pics!

Corn on the cob, Bradley’s sausage, and a chicken- smoked to perfection by Trey. Glad mom and Billy were next door to help us finish this (I believe this food lasted both families for a few meals, ha!)

This was our attempt at a decent family photo. It was about a million degrees at this point, the mosquitos were closing in, and (thanks to photo editing you can’t tell) Nate pooped on me. I don’t want this blog to be a place where I gloss over everything and make our life seem perfect. It’s not. There’s poop for crying out loud! But, I love this picture because even though Trey and I are attempting to mask our discomfort, Nate’s adorable expression is a reminder of why it doesn’t even matter. We have each other, so it’s all ok.



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3 responses to “First Independence Day

  1. You can always count on the kids to poop when its just the perfect moment!! Ha, ha!! The picture is nice. Good luck! Family is all that matters! God Bless!!

  2. Irene

    The three of you are definitely welcome up here for the next Fourth of July! The fireworks were amazing, you guys would love them 😀

    • laffittefamily

      We really want to if we can! I think Nate would love it too! Hopefully we can get up there soon and he can see some snow! When are y’all coming down here? We miss you and beej

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