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Day Two, Round Two

This morning was brilliant.  Nate slept without a peep for TWO HOURS. That’s right people!   It’s been six minutes since I put him down for his afternoon nap and he is still fussing a little but not bad, I think he will be out any minute.  I hope this means he is getting the hang of the whole nap thing because I can’t stand to hear him cry!

In other news:

His Halloween costume came today. He is going to be so cute!

His top right tooth is coming in.  I still can’t believe he has any. Little dude is growing fast!


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Day Two, Round 1

We survived yesterday, thanks everyone for the encouragement! Nate slept okay last night, but did wake up at 5:45.  This morning, it appears the buddy has fallen asleep after only five minutes of crying! Yay!! Hopefully things will get progressively better.  I am working on putting him down before he is overly tired and that seemed to work wonders. Thanks for the tip, Danielle!

On another note, I’ve been reading In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan.  I’m almost finished with it and I definitely recommend it. It isn’t a diet book and doesn’t advocate for a particular type of eating (low-fat, low-carb, vegan, etc.) just healthy eating. It also goes into great depth about the history of how we got our Food Pyramid, the government role in food regulation, and the lobbying influence.  Who knew food could be so political? It also offers some very practical guidelines on eating healthy.  (Read: eat a lot more fruits and veggies, and don’t be afraid of butter.)

Now to go get some chores done!

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8 Month Update

The little dude is back to sleep! Now for his eight month update.  Please excuse the lack of bunny pictures, I think Nate has so far surpassed bunny in size that they don’t have too much point.  The other reason is I just keep forgetting to take them.

At eight months, Nate:

  • is crawling! He officially started on his eight month birthday.  I think we have finally childproofed enough, although there is no substitute for watching him!!
  • sleeps a solid TEN hours a night!
  • is having trouble napping (in case you missed the memo)
  • says “dada” all the time, and “mama” only when he is crying. It’s a bummer that he hasn’t officially said “mama” yet but I’m thrilled he has shown such an interest in talking so early.
  • still loves reading, but he has just started turn the pages for me and pointing to the things I point out.
  • pulls up to his knees on everything, and has even made it to standing a couple of times.
  • is teething like crazy, the two bottom teeth are totally in and I think the top ones will be appearing very soon.
  • isn’t doing too well with solids, but we are working on it.  Favorite food is still breastmilk, which Trey affectionately calls “boobmilk.” Yep, that’s right.


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Day One, Round Two

Nate slept for 45 minutes this morning.  This afternoon, he cried for forty minutes, then slept for twenty, then cried for twenty, and now he is asleep again.  I guess I shouldn’t expect improvement in one day.  Although, when I tried this before (twice on two separate days) he cried for an hour and a half before I broke.  I think since he is actually getting sleep though that this is going to work. . .And in the time to type this little bit and do a few chores, the buddy is back to crying. Rats!  Perhaps they’ll be another post soon!


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Day One

I have to get my child to nap on his own.  Since he’s been sleeping through the night, sleep during the day will only happen in my arms.  I am thinking that part of it is his age (separation anxiety??).  Still, I’m buckling down, so that he can go down for a nap and I can get things done, rather than doing the majority of the housework, etc. after he goes to bed.  My new plan is to put him down for his nap after reading a story and repeating that it is nap time as soon as he shows signs of being tired. I will let him cry for an hour and if he is still not asleep after that, I’ll go and get him and attempt to keep him awake for a few more hours then repeat the routine.  Why am I blogging about this? Because Nate was crying and you, dear blog, are my distraction.  Just now, after an excruciating 55 minutes of crying, my sweet buddy has fallen asleep.  During his afternoon “nap” (in quotes for now because of all the crying) I’ll start updating you about all the happenings from this past month.  Here’s what I’ll being catching you up on:

  • 8 Month Update
  • Nate Crawling
  • Andrew and Jenny’s Wedding
  • Newish Living Room
  • Visiting the Hellers

Also, whatever else is in my head during this time of getting Nate to nap.  Wish me luck!  If nothing else, maybe I’ll finally get into the habit of updating the blog.  Peace.


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It’s Been a While!

Sorry for the crazy long delay, we’ve been busy around here!

This will have to be Nates seven and a half month update.  He is changing so much every day, I can’t believe how different he is from last month.  Here goes:

Nate at Seven (and a half) Months:

  • claps! It is the cutest thing ever.
  • eats one to two “solid” food meals a day.  Doesn’t seem to like it at all. Bananas and carrots are the most tolerable.
  • can move from tummy to sitting.
  • is still doing the “commando crawl” but is getting around more efficiently with it.  Every day I think he is going to crawl “officially” but it hasn’t happened yet.
  • loves to stand and has started to pull to standing.  I want him to do this more but I feel like there is a lack of safe places for him to do this. . . do they make toys for babies to pull up on?
  • sleeps about 10-11 hours STRAIGHT every night!!! It was worth the torture of crying it out for us.  I am slowly but surely returning to sanity.
  • no longer likes to be swaddled.
  • has trouble with naps. Ironically, sleeping through the night has made him a more difficult napper.  I am not sure why this is but the only way he will nap these days is for me to nap with him, or hold him.  At some point we’re going to have this sleep thing totally figured out! Maybe by preschool. . .
  • loves the pool! We have gone out to my Uncle Ben and Aunt Janet’s pool a couple of times this summer and Nate thinks it’s awesome.
  • wears size three diapers and nine month clothes, but could probably start the twelve month clothes.
  • enjoys his play yard. Thank goodness- otherwise nothing would ever get done.
  • fights the car seat.  He has learned that arching his back prevents anyone from harnessing him in any kind of seat (high chair, jogger stroller, etc.) He basically screams for a minute and then deals with it. No fun. 😦
  • says “Dada” CONSTANTLY.  We’ve decided this is his official first word because he seems to know what it means. Sometimes he will just babble “dadadadada” but other times he will look right at Trey and say “Dada”
  • no longer wants the pacifier for the most part. We go days without using it, and when he does he mostly just chews on it.
  • laughs hysterically whenever I sneeze. He also thinks it’s hilarious when I make faces at him, really embarrassing silly faces.  It is amazing what I’m willing to do to make him laugh.
  • is really ticklish.

With the summer coming to a close, it is a reminder of how thankful I am to be at home with my buddy.  I would be gearing up for another school year right now and probably stressed to the max if it weren’t for Trey.  I’m really loving the new job. 🙂

Nate is a great baby.


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