Day One, Round Two

Nate slept for 45 minutes this morning.  This afternoon, he cried for forty minutes, then slept for twenty, then cried for twenty, and now he is asleep again.  I guess I shouldn’t expect improvement in one day.  Although, when I tried this before (twice on two separate days) he cried for an hour and a half before I broke.  I think since he is actually getting sleep though that this is going to work. . .And in the time to type this little bit and do a few chores, the buddy is back to crying. Rats!  Perhaps they’ll be another post soon!



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5 responses to “Day One, Round Two

  1. dont worry, it gets better! stick it out and you will be glad you did. sorry i missed you call earlier, will call soon!!

  2. Dorian

    Stay strong Ginny, you are doing a great job! I hope things get easier each day. 🙂

    • laffittefamily

      Thanks Dorian! I sure hope things get easier- I’ve got to stick with it now that it’s on the blog, right? 🙂

    • laffittefamily

      So, I just realized the link on my blog for yours is wrong! It links to some random McGills that I don’t know. That’s embarrassing. It’s fixed now. No more adding links from the iPhone for me.

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