Day One

I have to get my child to nap on his own.  Since he’s been sleeping through the night, sleep during the day will only happen in my arms.  I am thinking that part of it is his age (separation anxiety??).  Still, I’m buckling down, so that he can go down for a nap and I can get things done, rather than doing the majority of the housework, etc. after he goes to bed.  My new plan is to put him down for his nap after reading a story and repeating that it is nap time as soon as he shows signs of being tired. I will let him cry for an hour and if he is still not asleep after that, I’ll go and get him and attempt to keep him awake for a few more hours then repeat the routine.  Why am I blogging about this? Because Nate was crying and you, dear blog, are my distraction.  Just now, after an excruciating 55 minutes of crying, my sweet buddy has fallen asleep.  During his afternoon “nap” (in quotes for now because of all the crying) I’ll start updating you about all the happenings from this past month.  Here’s what I’ll being catching you up on:

  • 8 Month Update
  • Nate Crawling
  • Andrew and Jenny’s Wedding
  • Newish Living Room
  • Visiting the Hellers

Also, whatever else is in my head during this time of getting Nate to nap.  Wish me luck!  If nothing else, maybe I’ll finally get into the habit of updating the blog.  Peace.



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2 responses to “Day One

  1. We need to switch! Davis sleeps during the day like a champ…its nights that get crazy! Good luck!

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