Andrew and Jenny’s Wedding


Many things come to mind when I think of the college town, but “wedding” is definitely not one of them.

Andrew and Jenny proved me wrong.

Andrew is Trey’s good friend from UF, and early last month we went to their beautiful wedding.  It was held on UF’s campus in the Baugman center.   Baugman is a beautiful, simple chapel that sits on Lake Alice (which, incidentally, is terrifying- full of alligators).

All of the boys!

The ceremony was short and sweet.  Jenny looked beautiful, and her wedding dress had pockets! I’ve decided my new favorite thing is wedding dresses with pockets.

The reception was held at the Sweetwater Inn off campus.  Trey’s wonderful parents watched Nate so we could party it up.  We definitely did. One of Trey’s friends took our camera and snapped a few pictures of our wicked sweet (not) dance moves.

Trey doing the dice move?

Uh- is that the robot? Are we that old?

Regardless of the fact that our dancing was committed to film, we had a wonderful time.

Cutting the cake.

In true college fashion, we hit up Steak and Shake for a snack.



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4 responses to “Andrew and Jenny’s Wedding

  1. Irene

    it looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I miss that town and of course you all SOOOO much!!

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