Best of Tallahassee??

The “Best of Tallahassee” readers poll came out today.  I guess I don’t have a right to complain as I didn’t participate in it, but regardless, this is my blog and I decided to conduct my own survey.

Title: The Actual Best of Tallahassee

Respondents: Myself

Here goes-

Best Breakfast/Brunch: Mockingbird Cafe

Best Bakery: Au Peche Mignon (Honorable Mention: The Cupcakery. . . folks I went to The Cake Shop yesterday and it is tasty, definitely a good cupcake, I just like the Cupcakery better. Over and out.)

Cajun Restaurant: Coosh’s Bayou Rouge

Coffee Shop: Red Eye or Black Dog

Best Burger: Bird’s Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack

Italian Restaurant: A tie between Bella Bella and Riccardo’s

Lunch: Tomatoland

Sushi: Kitcho

Alterations: Louie the Tailor!

Day Spa: Body Wisdom

Dentist Office: Dr. Tom Thacker

Hair Salon: Green Peridot

Insurance Agency: PRUDENTIAL

Landscaping/Lawn Services: Capital City Lawn Care

Real Estate Agency/Agent: Coldwell Banker/Meg Hilaman 🙂

Golf Course: Seminole

Place to take the kids: The park.  Let’s get outside a little more people.

Locally Owned Shop: Miss Mandy’s (it would’ve been the Cottage but they are closing. 😦 )

I hope you enjoyed my findings. 🙂

As a side note, this afternoon’s nap didn’t go very well.  Nate cried for about an hour and only slept about thirty minutes.  Still- tomorrow could be better!



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4 responses to “Best of Tallahassee??

  1. I’ve never participated in the ‘best of tlh’ either, but I am next year!!! Man, I was soo disappointed in most of the winners. We have to band together and vote for CCLC! They are definitely the BEST! 🙂

  2. I agree, I was soooo disappointed. Oh and who doesnt love louie! He is the best!

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