visiting new friends

A couple of weeks ago, we made a spontaneous visit to Panama City Beach to see the Hellers.  We went with Dorian and Matt and we had such a great time.  We didn’t take nearly as many photos as we should have, but here’s what we did get:

The hotel where Dorian and Matt stayed had an awesome pool, and it was the only time we took out the camera.  At least Nate loves the water so it made for some really fun pictures!

Okay, so you can’t really see how adorable Olivia is in the picture, but I think I’ve found Nate a wife. Search over.

On Saturday night, we went to Pier Park to see a concert on the beach.  We got a great video of Nate “dancing” to the music.  I’ve got to figure out how to post video to the blog.  I know I have to put it on Youtube and then do something with that to get it on the blog but I don’t know what. Thoughts?


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  1. you should upload it to youtube and then you will see that it has what’s called an “embed code”. if you copy the code and paste it into your blogpost’s html (not sure how you do that on wordpress, sorry) then it should show up.

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