quick update

Nate is doing MUCH better with his naps!  My only hope would be to get them to go a little longer, but he now goes down without a fuss and sleeps anywhere from one hour to two, two to three times a day.  Sometimes I think he just wakes up too early and that throws off his nap schedule, thus creating three naps. I am just thankful he no longer has to cry to fall asleep! It is so wonderful to do laundry, fix lunch and recharge a bit while the buddy gets some sleep.  Thanks to everyone who gave me helpful advice- I think I’m starting to get the hang of this whole sleep thing! Which means I’m due for a new challenge. . .



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5 responses to “quick update

  1. dont worry, that sounds just like ezra’s sleeping schedule. he never sleeps longer than two hours and neither did gabe. but a little alone time sure is nice! also, we will be in town next weekend, so plan on hanging out!

  2. Davis slept till 6 am this morning in his crib without nursing all night! Couldnt have been happier, I did the happy dance going to his room. Glad you guys are doing better too!! yay for sleeping babies!

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