Nate says. . .

My sweet friend Brittany- super mom to three boys three and under, is always posting these hilarious entries about things her oldest says. Now that Nate is talking constantly, I definitely want to take up that tradition as well so I can look back and remember how much this little fellow makes me laugh.


Nate, Pre-haircut

Things Nate has said lately:

  • We were at Coosh’s tonight and there were a couple of little girls Nate’s age standing next to our table. I told him to say hello to the pretty girls. “Hello, pretty girls!” After they left, he exclaimed, “I want to see more pretty girls!”
  • Twice in a row we have gone to get him out of bed in the morning only to find him completely naked and saying “I want to put jacket on. Meese.”
  • “Meese” is how Nate says please.
  • He has a few toy air planes. The other day he licked one and said “delicious!”
  • While playing/watching basketball: “Intense!”
  • We gave him a few Cadbury robin’s eggs last night after dinner, telling Nate that he could have a sweet treat since he ate so much. After very quickly polishing off the world’s most awesome Easter candy: “I want more sweet treats!” Me too little buddy, me too.
  • Nate has connected the fact that Christian is his baby brother. I asked him the other day to kiss baby brother, and after he kissed my belly he said “I kissed Christian!”
  • He refers to anything he can’t pick up as “the big.” He says it with a strained voice as if he is trying to lift something huge which makes it pretty funny. Usually he is trying to lift a tree in our yard or something ridiculous. The other day he asked me to get a ball out from under the entertainment center and I said, “I can’t, Mama’s the big!” Now he announces “Mama’s the big!”
  • Trey was putting his pajamas on the other night and struggling with a foot. “Daddy can’t do it” was his assessment. Trey is a pro at pretty much all things dad so he laughed that one off.
  • Trey has taught him man words. I am not a particular fan of the fact that my son can proudly tell us all when he has, um, you know. I have to admit it’s funny since he says “I tarted!” with a big grin. He also makes sure to remind us when he takes a bath of “Nate’s penis!” and lately he has taken to asking about everyone else’s penis. . . not sure how to handle that one yet but so far we just say “ok” change the subject, and hope he doesn’t talk too much about that in the church nursery.
  • He loves to pray. Randomly he will stop what he is doing, close his eyes and say “I pray Daddy, I pray Grace Grace, I pray Gee, I pray Bee, I pray Dede, I pray Bubbie, I pray Dewie, I pray Bear Bear, I pray Miller.” Sometimes he focuses in on one person and repeats it for a good five minutes. It melts my heart.

Nate definitely keeps us laughing. That’s all for now.


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