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Nate says. . .

My sweet friend Brittany- super mom to three boys three and under, is always posting these hilarious entries about things her oldest says. Now that Nate is talking constantly, I definitely want to take up that tradition as well so I can look back and remember how much this little fellow makes me laugh.


Nate, Pre-haircut

Things Nate has said lately:

  • We were at Coosh’s tonight and there were a couple of little girls Nate’s age standing next to our table. I told him to say hello to the pretty girls. “Hello, pretty girls!” After they left, he exclaimed, “I want to see more pretty girls!”
  • Twice in a row we have gone to get him out of bed in the morning only to find him completely naked and saying “I want to put jacket on. Meese.”
  • “Meese” is how Nate says please.
  • He has a few toy air planes. The other day he licked one and said “delicious!”
  • While playing/watching basketball: “Intense!”
  • We gave him a few Cadbury robin’s eggs last night after dinner, telling Nate that he could have a sweet treat since he ate so much. After very quickly polishing off the world’s most awesome Easter candy: “I want more sweet treats!” Me too little buddy, me too.
  • Nate has connected the fact that Christian is his baby brother. I asked him the other day to kiss baby brother, and after he kissed my belly he said “I kissed Christian!”
  • He refers to anything he can’t pick up as “the big.” He says it with a strained voice as if he is trying to lift something huge which makes it pretty funny. Usually he is trying to lift a tree in our yard or something ridiculous. The other day he asked me to get a ball out from under the entertainment center and I said, “I can’t, Mama’s the big!” Now he announces “Mama’s the big!”
  • Trey was putting his pajamas on the other night and struggling with a foot. “Daddy can’t do it” was his assessment. Trey is a pro at pretty much all things dad so he laughed that one off.
  • Trey has taught him man words. I am not a particular fan of the fact that my son can proudly tell us all when he has, um, you know. I have to admit it’s funny since he says “I tarted!” with a big grin. He also makes sure to remind us when he takes a bath of “Nate’s penis!” and lately he has taken to asking about everyone else’s penis. . . not sure how to handle that one yet but so far we just say “ok” change the subject, and hope he doesn’t talk too much about that in the church nursery.
  • He loves to pray. Randomly he will stop what he is doing, close his eyes and say “I pray Daddy, I pray Grace Grace, I pray Gee, I pray Bee, I pray Dede, I pray Bubbie, I pray Dewie, I pray Bear Bear, I pray Miller.” Sometimes he focuses in on one person and repeats it for a good five minutes. It melts my heart.

Nate definitely keeps us laughing. That’s all for now.


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It’s Been a While!

Sorry for the crazy long delay, we’ve been busy around here!

This will have to be Nates seven and a half month update.  He is changing so much every day, I can’t believe how different he is from last month.  Here goes:

Nate at Seven (and a half) Months:

  • claps! It is the cutest thing ever.
  • eats one to two “solid” food meals a day.  Doesn’t seem to like it at all. Bananas and carrots are the most tolerable.
  • can move from tummy to sitting.
  • is still doing the “commando crawl” but is getting around more efficiently with it.  Every day I think he is going to crawl “officially” but it hasn’t happened yet.
  • loves to stand and has started to pull to standing.  I want him to do this more but I feel like there is a lack of safe places for him to do this. . . do they make toys for babies to pull up on?
  • sleeps about 10-11 hours STRAIGHT every night!!! It was worth the torture of crying it out for us.  I am slowly but surely returning to sanity.
  • no longer likes to be swaddled.
  • has trouble with naps. Ironically, sleeping through the night has made him a more difficult napper.  I am not sure why this is but the only way he will nap these days is for me to nap with him, or hold him.  At some point we’re going to have this sleep thing totally figured out! Maybe by preschool. . .
  • loves the pool! We have gone out to my Uncle Ben and Aunt Janet’s pool a couple of times this summer and Nate thinks it’s awesome.
  • wears size three diapers and nine month clothes, but could probably start the twelve month clothes.
  • enjoys his play yard. Thank goodness- otherwise nothing would ever get done.
  • fights the car seat.  He has learned that arching his back prevents anyone from harnessing him in any kind of seat (high chair, jogger stroller, etc.) He basically screams for a minute and then deals with it. No fun. 😦
  • says “Dada” CONSTANTLY.  We’ve decided this is his official first word because he seems to know what it means. Sometimes he will just babble “dadadadada” but other times he will look right at Trey and say “Dada”
  • no longer wants the pacifier for the most part. We go days without using it, and when he does he mostly just chews on it.
  • laughs hysterically whenever I sneeze. He also thinks it’s hilarious when I make faces at him, really embarrassing silly faces.  It is amazing what I’m willing to do to make him laugh.
  • is really ticklish.

With the summer coming to a close, it is a reminder of how thankful I am to be at home with my buddy.  I would be gearing up for another school year right now and probably stressed to the max if it weren’t for Trey.  I’m really loving the new job. 🙂

Nate is a great baby.


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Six Months!! (only ten days late. . . oops. . .)

Sorry, sorry, sorry for the lateness! Between the sleep deprivation and all of the exciting things we’ve been up to blogging just hasn’t been on the list of priorities. I’m working on it. I promise.

Nate is six months old and time is flying.  I used to think that Mama Mia! song about “slipping through my fingers” was super cheesy and I chuckled a little whenever I heard it. Now it seems a little too close to home. I feel like I’m going to turn around and  Nate will be graduating college. This used to make me sad but I’ve gained a little perspective and I’ve decided cherish every day and not waste any time wishing for time to slow down. Now who’s super cheesy? Moving on. . .

*Note: His sixth month photo was taken on his six month birthday!

At six months, Nate:

  • is in the fiftieth percentile in every category. Just right. 🙂
  • weighs seventeen pounds, ten ounces.
  • can six up totally unassisted (and has been for the past few weeks).
  • can stand holding only our fingers for balance.
  • is very close to crawling, I feel like it will be any day.
  • loves to babble.
  • loves to laugh.
  • enjoys his morning walk/run in the jogger stroller.
  • is beginning to get a little stranger anxiety.  From what I understand this just come with the territory of his age.
  • loves to be on his tummy.
  • passes objects from hand to hand.
  • gets mad if you take away a toy he is enjoying.
  • can take his pacifier out and put it back in.
  • enjoys chewing on Jacque the giraffe.
  • rolls over both ways with ease.
  • LOVES watching Grandmeggie play the piano.
  • loves all music and “dances” during praise and worship at church!
  • is getting a tooth! (I pretty sure I see the top of it coming in!)
  • still not sleeping through the night.  We’ve resorted to very drastic and painful (for me, not Nate) measures. Crying it out. Luckily, I’ve got the queen of getting your kids to sleep/good schedule stuff helping me out. Thanks, Danielle! This is night three, and it is getting better. I think it will work if I don’t cave.
  • still loves the banana song and reading.
  • had his first solids on his six month birthday and it went well! Trey was excited to get to feed him his first “real” meal.

Rice Cereal and B milk- That qualifies as real food, right?

Proud dad doing a great job!

Nate was really enthusiastic about it.

A successful first feeding!

Alright, folks, thanks for sticking with me. If Nate begins sleeping through the night you can start expecting some regular postings.  At least every week. How will you know when that happens? If you wake up and swear you can hear some idiot singing the hallelujah chorus at the crack of dawn that’s me. After almost seven months (ten if you count my last trimester of broken sleep) of not one night of uninterrupted sleep I will be so excited I won’t be able to contain it.


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Nate at FIVE months

I really, truly, honestly cannot believe that Nate is five months old. Yet, he is. So here goes:

Nate at five months:

  • loves everybody! He is constantly smiling and laughing.  I’ve started calling him my little ham.
  • tummy time is improving, and he is starting to do his mini-pushup and pull his legs up under himself.
  • enjoys “standing.” I wasn’t sure if it was okay for him to do that but on my girls weekend I noticed Brittany helping precious little Ezra (a week older than Nate) so I figured it would be alright.
  • has found a favorite book in And to Think that I Saw It on Mulberry Street. He lights up and waves his arms and kicks his legs when I read it to him. I am so glad he is learning early to love reading!
  • enjoys his swing a lot more.  I can actually get a little fifteen minute break now and then to start dinner, etc. while he swings.
  • weighs about sixteen and a half pounds.
  • is a chatterbox. No words yet but I think he will be an early talker.
  • still loves bathtime. It is adorable.
  • has hair growing in a mohawk.  We love spiking it!
  • enjoys grabbing peoples faces.  He started doing that with Trey, and now he does it with everyone.  He thinks it is pretty hilarious.
  • still eating breastmilk exclusively, and we will start solids next month.  I am drooling over this:The Beaba Babycook from Williams-Sonoma. It steams, purees, defrosts, and warms.  Isn’t it beautiful?  I plan on making Nate’s food anyway, but this would make my life easier.
  • That is all for now.

PS- EST is 8:33pm even though WordPress says it is 12:30am. I was on time! 🙂

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Four Month Update

Nate at four months:

  • is amazing.  I know he is my child, and I’m supposed to think that. But he really is a beautiful little guy.
  • weighs 15 pounds and 2 ounces.
  • is way better at the pediatrician than I am- I’m pretty sure I cry more at the shots than he does.
  • is teething? Drooling A LOT and I think there might be some little buds showing up. . . we shall see.
  • Can sit unassisted for a few seconds.  He can also do the “tripod” for a little longer. He was actually doing this at three months and three weeks. Dr. Long says he is very advanced in that department.
  • Still hates “official” tummy time but we are working on it.
  • Sleeps from about 10 until 1:30, then until 4:30, then until 7 or 8.  Would I like it if he slept through the night? Of course.  But we are managing, and we are not starting solids until six months. The end. That said, I do think his sleeping will get better when we do, but I can tough it out for another 45 days.
  • Is very active. He is always kicking his legs and smiling at anyone that will pay attention.  I know wear him facing outward in the baby k’tan and he loves to entertain everyone at Publix, Target or anywhere else we might be.
  • is very responsive.  He laughs, squeals in delight, and “talks.” I am trying to practice talking more slowly and focusing on the nouns (for example, hearing an airplane overhead and saying “airplane.”) Hopefully this will help with his language development later on.
  • Can hold toys and investigates them somewhat but his favorite thing to do is to put them in his mouth.
  • loves the mirror.  Lately I will walk in front of it with him in the baby k’tan and I will sing the banana song or play peek-a-boo and he thinks it is hilarious.
  • LOVES the banana song. I probably sing it twenty times a day.
  • walks with Grandmeggie or runs with me almost every day.  He is usually pretty good.  I am hoping he will get used to the habit and it will make me get out and exercise! I’m doing the tails and trails 5k this Saturday if anyone wants to join me!
  • loves to read.  His favorite right now is a nursery rhyme pop up book that my friend Colleen from MMS gave us.
  • still likes to be swaddled at night and for naps, but I’m trying to get away from the nap swaddling.  This is difficult because he won’t sleep for as long.

Thats all for now.  I’ll post on our adventure in the Bahamas soon!

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Three Months!

This little boy has DOUBLED in size!

Check out the “bunny progression:”

One Week

One Month

Two Months

Three Months

Nate at three months:

  • is “talking” all the time.
  • loves to smile, no laughs yet, but we do get squeals of excitement!
  • likes the cloth diapers, but we do use the disposables on occasion. He’s in the disposable size 2.
  • Weighs almost 14 pounds! (We took him to Best Beginnings to use the baby scale and with clothes he was 14 pounds, so we figure he’s just under that.)
  • loves his activity gym, and is learning to like tummy time.  He will get a little fussy, but no full on crying like before.
  • has almost full head control but will still give us the occasional head butt.
  • bats at Phil, Bob, and Murphy and occasionally grabs them.
  • Sleeping is still pretty much like it was at two months- hoping for an improvement soon!
  • is always moving- kicking his legs especially.
  • loves to read.

People say at three months things start to settle.  I will say it’s a little bit easier but things will never be the same. I’m still wondering what it will be like to get eight hours of sleep again. *Sign* In spite of this, Nate is so lovable and such a wonderful baby.

Lane took some beautiful photos of the most adorable baby in the world- I’ll post a few as soon as I can.


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Two Months!

Where does the time go????

It is hard to believe that Nate is already two months old.  Before I get to the stats, a clarification from the last post: Nate couldn’t have his first real bath because his little umbilical cord stub refused to fall off for 59 days! That is insane, I know, but we made sure it was healthy and clean and he has a perfectly cute little belly button now. Also, we gave him sponge baths! We wouldn’t go two months without cleaning our child! Sheesh.

Two Months

One Month

One Week

Stats on Nate:

  • weighs in at 12 pounds, 6 ounces these days.  Dr. Long said is growing beautifully!
  • loves Phil, Bob, and Murphy- the squirrel, owl, and hedgehog mobile on his bouncy chair.  He has started to smile at them and reach for them.  Very exciting! Glow worm, Mr. Bear, and Mr. Bunny are also favorite toys.
  • smiling a lot! Mostly in the morning.  I am still having trouble getting a good picture of it though because of the camera flash.  The cute little smile quickly turns to a look of concern when he sees it.
  • enjoys any kind of music.  We listen to classical in the car, and the Rockabye Baby! Lullabies at home.  Rockabye Baby! are U2, Coldplay, Greenday, Police, etc. songs that have been made into lullabies so they aren’t annoying at all. Yay! As soon as I figure out how to post sound on the blog I’ll have to load one of his favorites so you can enjoy it too!
  • loves the bath, but doesn’t like getting out at all.  Even when we wrap him up tight right away he still cries.  Very sad.
  • still loves to be swaddled at night.
  • enjoys his Baby K’tan and the Baby Bjorn (who wouldn’t like being carried around all the time?)
  • is not a fan of tummy time, but the other day I decided to make it naked tummy time (because I read that it is good for babies to have unrestricted time for movement) and he seemed to enjoy it a lot more.  Just as long as he is on a towel and happy about it, why not let him be naked? It’s so cute!
  • holding his head up really well and likes to sit in my lap facing me while I hold his arms for support.
  • loves having Daddy read to him.  The latest book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Classic.

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