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Baby Brother’s Nursery

Nate runs as fast as he can to the end of the house to baby bro’s room when we ask about “baby brother’s nursery.” He is also really good at talking about “Christian’s Room.” He is loving the changes to his former playroom. Thank goodness! We scaled back the budget for this nursery project since we went a little crazy with Nate’s room, but it resulted in way more creativity and handmade touches. I love it.

The Chinese lanterns came from some Pinterest inspiration. The “crib” is our play yard with a slipcover on it. It’s made with seersucker and polka dots, two of my favorite things. Hopefully Nate will give up his crib soon, but we are happy to have him sleep for 12 hours a night and are no longer in a rush to get the crib in the nursery. The precious cross was a present from Aunt Carrie Anne.

Okay, I didn’t actually make this cool guy. He was a present. He’s from here.

The wall color is Benjamin Moore Cumulus Cotton. (Had to write it down so I don’t forget when we need touch up paint!)

Trey’s sweet parents rounded up the rocker for us, and the little stool was my grandmothers. Some spray paint, fabric, and upholstery work transformed the somewhat sad little pieces into a perfect seating area for our buddy’s nursery. I made the pillow slipcover and had it monogrammed.

The tag decoration says “Let your light shine.” It was a Christmas present from the husby and I adore it. The lamp is a family heirloom of sorts. My mother gave it to my cousin Julie when she had her first, and now that her youngest has outgrown it, it will live in my children’s nurseries until her children need it for their children.

Noahs ark.

Before Nate was born, we put a little teddy bear in his room so he would have something from us when brought him home. For Christian it’s the blue elephant. The best part- it can be monogrammed! We will put his birthday on it as soon as we have the date.

The prints are from this adorable Etsy shop. I made the changing pad cover using a great tutorial from Prudent Baby.

This super cool vintage mobile hangs above the rocking chair. It is made of tin and came from Monticello (think Thomas Jefferson, not Florida.) Thanks Bill and Kiki!

All there is to do now is sit back and wait!


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Mobile Blogging

Just testing…

Isn’t he cute?

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Aaaaaand we’re back

I don’t know what it is about the fall months, but I just can’t seem to get it together blogging wise. Sorry for the long hiatus, but I just wanted to let you know we’re back.  Many updates to come- until then, here are a couple of pics of my favorite little guy in the world.

Christmas 2010

Playing with his birthday present from Mama and Daddy!

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An important discovery!

Important is a subjective term, but if you enjoy chocolate milk, this is crucial information I’m about to share with you.  I occasionally go to New Leaf for our groceries, they have the BEST food but it’s pricey and further away than Publix so it isn’t in our weekly routine. Two days ago, something caught my eye.  Chocolate Milk. In a glass bottle. As in, milkman-drops-off-milk-then-you-return-bottles-for-new-milk bottle. I went in for closer inspection and sure enough the price tag had a little note that said “return clean bottle for deposit.”  Not being able to resist the opportunity to flashback to a more charming era (in some respects at least) and the delicious looking chocolate milk, I purchased a gallon.  I cannot even put into words how amazingly delicious this chocolate milk was.  It was like melted chocolate ice cream mixed with little bits of heaven (i.e. butterfat I’m guessing) Anyways, I’m not ashamed to say it was gone by midday today.  So I diligently cleaned the bottle and Nate and I headed back to New Leaf to see if they were going to make good on the bottle deposit.  They did! And now we have an (almost) full new gallon in the fridge. Bliss.

They don’t have a website, but the Ocheese Creamery is located in Blountstown, FL! The milk doesn’t have to travel far, which must add to the deliciousness.

They also carry this brand at TomatoLand but it’s hit or miss because their products seem to rotate out a lot, but if New Leaf is too far it’s worth a shot! Enjoy!


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quick update

Nate is doing MUCH better with his naps!  My only hope would be to get them to go a little longer, but he now goes down without a fuss and sleeps anywhere from one hour to two, two to three times a day.  Sometimes I think he just wakes up too early and that throws off his nap schedule, thus creating three naps. I am just thankful he no longer has to cry to fall asleep! It is so wonderful to do laundry, fix lunch and recharge a bit while the buddy gets some sleep.  Thanks to everyone who gave me helpful advice- I think I’m starting to get the hang of this whole sleep thing! Which means I’m due for a new challenge. . .


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The Babies: Nate Edition

I learned how to use iMovie!


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Nate Dancing!

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